Building the Part Finder

Date Posted:13 December 2017 

Introducing the release of the Part Finder, and where do we go from here?

Motorcycle Part Finder

It has been a long road filled with obstacles and challenges, but we finally have released the first version of the part finder. Initially it only had five categories you could pick from: Dyna, Tourer, Softail, Sportster and V-rod. This wasn’t very specific and it also had a lot of products missing.

Now the part finder lists dozens of models each with hundreds of products listed to their respective models. The site also supports searching within the selected bike and specifying categories. While for the moment it only caters to Harley Davidson motorcycle models, we are already working on the next release. We aim to have more types of motorcycles covered in the part finder that include but are not limited to: Metric Cruisers, Victory motorcycles and other road bikes.

Our team is constantly looking to expanding our range for the very best customer service. The aim of our local Australian business is to promote a hassle free environment to get customers the parts they need at a competitive price. We endeavour to make sure that while our product range will increase, the part finder coverage will increase with it to ensure that everyone can get the right part every time.

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