Release of the Handlebar Finder

Date Posted:18 April 2018 

Handlebars and cable kits have always been popular products among our customers at EasyR. However, due to the diverse range of handlebars each with its unique style and set of specifications, it was difficult for customers to navigate and find one which suited their needs. Cable kits were also problematic as different combinations of handlebar and bike model required different specifications for the cable kit. 

In order to address the issue, we have created the Handlebar Finder tool which navigates users to the handlebars which suit their preferences. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to create a custom cable kit of your choice. When purchasing a cable kit, users are required to enter the year and model of their bike and if their bike has ABS and twin disc. The infographic below fully shows you how to use the new Handlebar Finder tool. 

Handlebar Finder Instruction

We are always determined to making your shopping experience more convinient and easy. If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments and we will take these into future considerations. 

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