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RSS BAI-H57-6090C 1-1/2" Tall Billet Risers Chrome for 1-1/2" Handlebars

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Installation Instructions for Risers:
1. Remove top clamp(s), old bars, risers and OEM
riser rubbers.
2. Install Arlen Ness heavy duty polyurethane riser
rubbers, part number AN-08-005 (RSS can supply).
3. Install risers to top triple tree with quality riser bolts
(RSS can supply). Hidden grub screws MUST face
outwards. At this point, the head of the grub screws MUST sit below the riser surfaces.
4. Fit new handlebars and riser top clamps. Carefully
adjust your bars as to find your ideal riding position.
5. Remove the riser top clamps and handlebars.
Unscrew grub screws slightly until they protrude
above the riser surface by approximately .040”. Re-fit
handle bars, making sure they are in your ideal riding
position. Fit top clamps and tighten socket heads to
30ft/lbs. The slightly raised grub screws will leave an
impression on the underside of the bars marking
your ideal riding position.
6. Remove top clamps and bars once again. Drill into
the centre of the markings with the very tip of your
drill, making sure not to go past the taper on the end
of your drill bit. Re-fit the bars being careful to align
the protruding grub screws with the drill marks you
have just made. Fit top clamps and torque socket
heads to 30ft/lbs.
*** The hidden grub screw design acts as dowels for
perpetual clamping force and prevents bar slippage.


Riser Bolts - Hex Head Bolt Available - 1/2-13 x 2-1/2", 2 1/4", 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/4" Long Unc (Check the Length before ordering) Sold Separately



SKU: BAI-H57-6090C
Brand: RSS


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